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Corporate On-Site Physiotherapy 

Why do companies benefit?

Evidence shows that people who are active are more alert and productive at work with less sickness absence for things such as muscle and joint pain. Short periods of activity during the working day increase alertness concentration and reduce the risk of developing aches and pains associated with prolonged sitting. 

What type of companies can benefit?

Any company of more than four employees can benefit from our on-site physiotherapy service. We are happy the provide tailored packages to small, medium or large companies. 

The Physiotherapy Package

Some or all of the services below can be included in a bespoke workplace physiotherapy package:

  • One to one assessment and treatment sessions for employees with specific joint and muscle problems such as back, neck, shoulder or wrist pain. Treatments include manual therapy acupuncture, ultrasound, exercises, posture correction and advice.

  • Stretch and movement sessions at the desk, designed to increase cardiovascular activity, alertness, and general well-being. Injuries associated with inactivity can be prevented by stretching tight muscles and moving stiff joints. 

  • At the desk "mini" neck and shoulder massages.

  • Lunchtime movement classes to energize staff, stretch tight muscles and move joints that may have stiffened after a morning sitting and the desk.

  • For companies that do not have the facility to undertake their own ergonomic workplace assessments, we are happy to provide this.

To let us help you to increase staff engagement and reduce workplace associated injuries, please contact us via the contact page or speak to us to discuss your specific requirements on 07765 129786

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