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The link below takes you to the Physiofirst (OCPPP) links page which has many helpful organisations & websites which may assist you in finding solutions to your health questions & help you on your way to achieving successful self-management:

Below are a few more links to additional websites NOT included in the OCPPP links page:  A website that provides information & help for those whose physical illness may be caused or aggravated by stress, or for those with "medically unexplained symptoms". Based on the work of Dr John Sarno, Chartered Physiotherapist Georgie Oldfield is pioneering this new treatment approach to physical illness in the UK.  This link takes you directly to the local Dorset branch of Nordic Walking UK. From there you can book onto a taster session or a 'learn to Nordic Walk course' with local instructors. A great way to increase physical activity and wellbeing.  Corfe Beauty is located in the studio next to Wareham Physiotherapy. The full range of therapies available can be seen by clicking the link.  Birchwood Private Physiotherapy is the sister practice of Wareham Physiotherapy and you can see the same physiotherapists. If it would be more convenient for you to be seen in Poole, click the link to book an appointment and see further clinic details.

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